Chris’s Cancer Community

“Since my own personal experience with cancer in 2007, my life was changed forever. Given a poor prognosis and unable to return to my job I felt compelled to improve the very disjointed area of cancer support. Being one voice in the massive world of cancer care has been very difficult, but after many years of reaching out through my website and speaking engagements, I am finding that there is good support around the world for what I do.

As I am personally on the front line of cancer care I can see the many issues that people affected by cancer can face. There is a lot of resource being used, much duplicated, in the cancer world, for research and political lobbying etc. All of those things I am unable to help with but my area of expertise is the people trying to make sense of their lives after a cancer diagnosis.

So I am absolutely delighted to be invited to team up with C4C Mobile, who share my vision of being able to make a direct difference to people’s lives. By choosing Chris’s Cancer Community as your chosen charity partner, you will automatically donate 10% of your monthly spend to my work, at no additional cost to you!

With no marketing or administration cost, every penny will be given to help people affected by cancer. My aim is to improve communication and help remove that feeling of isolation. Maybe donating a phone, a sim, some air time, travel to chemo, the list is endless!”

Fully transparent, it is very simple, the more people sign up to the network the more people I can help, it really is as simple as that!

Please come and join this ground breaking revolution and tell your friends!!!

A message from C4C Mobile, MD, Blair Papworth;

It is with great honour to announce our most recent partnership with Chris’s Cancer Community, myself and my team are very excited to begin our next chapter, and feel most privileged to be working with such an inspirational cause.

I have personally worked on this for over 6 years, a project which simply supports our UK charity sector, and makes a difference to people’s lives in one way or another. Chris Lewis (founder of Chris’s Cancer Community) and myself share a mutual aspiration, this being to offer reassurance and support to cancer patients following diagnosis.  Through Chris’s own experience he is very aware of existing support services available to cancer patients outside the clinical environment and in his opinion these vital services are extremely sparse and leave a huge space for improvement.

Our main aim is to prevent isolation and loneliness following a cancer diagnosis, we intend to fill the ‘void’ along the whole cancer experience alongside supporting patients where and when possible.  There are numerous ways in which we can support Chris’s Cancer Community and we are very much looking forward to delivering these services.

By using C4C Mobile and choosing CCC as your chosen cause, 10% of your monthly bill spend will be donated to CCC, at no additional cost to you or change in behaviour, it really is that simple!

With Love and Thank you, Blair x