The Alfie Gough Trust

The Alfie Gough Trust

“During Alfie’s short life, he made an impact and touched the hearts of so many.
For this reason we feel that his spirit will continue on; to help other children who are faced with Cancer.

Our aim is to create awareness of integrated cancer care with a natural diet and a combination of Natural Nutritional supplements and how they can help reduce some of the severe side effects of Chemotherapy and ultimately, keep these children stronger throughout the treatment and give them the immune support needed to help fight this disease.
During Alfie’s treatment we were lucky enough to have recommendations from a Nutritional Therapist and we experienced a huge improvement in Alfie’s quality of life during this intensely high-risk treatment. Our aim will be to provide others with the data required, to add to protocol and not only improve quality of life but also to help save lives.

Thank you all for your support!
All our love,
Dean & Sarah

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