Macmillan Cancer Support

MacMillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support based all across the UK was founded in 1911. Originally started as ‘Society for the Prevention and Relief of Cancer’ by Douglas Macmillan following the death of his Dad to cancer, it changed its name several times but finally changed its name to ‘Macmillan Cancer Support’ in 2006 to help people better understand what they did.

Their main ambition is to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer and to inspire millions of others to do the same. Macmillan also look at nine outcome’s: I was diagnosed early, I understand so I make good decisions, I get the treatment and care which are best for my cancer and my life, those around me are well supported, I am treated with dignity and respect, I know what I can do to help myself and who else can help me, I can enjoy life, I feel part of a community and I’m inspired to give something back, and I want to die well.
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