Prisma: Why is it so fascinating?
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Prisma is reinventing the concept of editing photos on your phone. The app, currently available on iPhone, developed by Moscow based Prisma Labs, doesn’t just have the standard colour filter overlay filters that were made popular by Instagram.

Instead, users take photos through the app or pick one from their camera roll; Prisma then puts the image through three layers, these essentially analyse the photo and figure out what to change to have it match the style of art you selected, from a choice of 33, some inspired by famous artist such as Mondrian and styles such as impressionist, mosaic and gothic, the app then recreates the photo from scratch in the style selected.

Since Thursday, last week the app has attracted more than 1 million daily active users, with reviews such highlighting the ‘very unique’ artistic styles and some saying that it’s in ‘a different class’ to any other photo app.

After cropping your image, you can then choose one of 33 filters, such as impression, mosaic and gothic, along with filters modelled after specific iconic paintings. Prisma will continue to add new filters in the foreseeable future, Co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov added.
However, the team aren’t looking to slow down anytime soon; co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov has promised not just development of new and exciting features, but they’re now getting ready to launch Prisma video filters, with Moiseenkov himself uploading a 360-degree image onto Facebook, to offer a glimpse of how these filters may work in the future.
While there have been many strides in image and video editing software, no company has brought such high-quality tools into the hands of mobile users; Prisma Labs look set to change that and it will be exciting to see what they come up with next.

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