Hidden games in Facebook Messenger?
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We all know of Facebook, the big, behemoth of social media where you can share your thoughts and feelings with your friends, or even the rest of the world, and by now, many will know of Facebook’s popular ‘Messenger’ application, the mobile app that allows users to access Facebook’s messaging features in a way that feels more natural to mobile devices, even if having all your Facebook friends being able to hassle you all the time, might not be.

However; the app doesn’t just have to be a great way to keep in touch with loved ones but also a chance to play with them and have some fun with friends, family and anyone else; as long as they are also using the Messenger app. Some of these games even log the scores of everyone who plays, so you can even try and take on a sibling or dominate the high score in a group chat!

So how does one access these games? By following these simple steps.

Football: Currently, the Euro tournament is captivating the world of football and if you’re looking to make your conversations a bit more “soccer-centric” Then all you need to do is open up a conversation and send the recipient a Soccer/Football emoji; and once it’s been delivered you’ll both be ready to go! Tap the emoji on screen and you’ll now have to keep that ball in the air using your finger to tap on the ball and not let it drop. Try not to lose all your time on it as it’s a highly addictive little time waster.

Basketball:  For those who like their sports a little more state-side, or just looking for something a bit different than to keeping the ball up, then you can always try your hand at basketball. Setting up the game works in the same way as with Football; but swapping out the football emoji, for a basketball one. Now after pressing on the ball, you’ll have your chance to take shots at a hoop, that becomes increasingly more active as time goes on. Don’t miss a shot though, because your points will be set right back to zero.

Chess: For those who are looking for something a bit more tactical and engaging, Facebook has a fully functioning competitive Chess system built into the messenger app, simply open a conversation and type in @fbchess, to begin a random game you can type ‘@fbchess play’ however you can add ‘black/white’ to choose your colour or your recipients name and colour (e.g. “@fbchess play white John”).

From here your game will begin, but unlike the previous two games, chess doesn’t need you to touch the screen, instead your Keyboard will be your hands and you’ll need to get your head around the Algebraic notation system for Chess, where-in; K represents a King, Q represents a Queen, B for a Bishop, N for a knight R for a rook, and finally, P for a pawn. Movement therefore is a little trickier, the simple task of moving your King to square C5 needs the to input of “@fbchess Kc5” but once you’ve got your head around it, you’ll have hours of brain scratching fun and arguments between friends!

We hope all of you have a great time playing games amongst yourselves and friends and don’t forget to let others know, so we can all get a little bit more fun, out of an app that we all have, and probably thought nothing of.

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