Shot on iPhone – Euro 2016 Pics
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Apple is celebrating the Euro 2016 championship with its ongoing ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign.

The mobile behemoth has released a new collection of videos in an advert sound-tracked by the Little Sims’ Wing song. It shows a montage of football-related shots taken by iPhones wielded by football fans.

The advert is part of a campaign, aiming to show that iPhone’s camera is superior to other cameras on phones. Last year, iPhone picked up the Outdoor Cannes Lion award. The awards celebrate creativity experienced out of home.

The new ad also highlights other iPhone features, such as the new iPhone 6s slow motion video taking.

The iPhone 6s has a 12-megapixel camera, a state of the art sensor, an image signal processor, advanced pixel technology, improved local tone mapping and optical image stabilisation.

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