How to Take Great Pictures with Your Mobile Phone
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Okay – everyone’s a photographer these days. Thanks to mobile phones, most of us have access to a camera at all times.

While camera quality varies – the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016 Edition) has front and rear cameras with an f/1.9 aperture that allows you to capture exceptionally clear images, even in low-light conditions – the best camera in the world still needs skill for good photos.

Here are our top tips:

Avoid direct sunlight. Overcast days are best for photography, but if it’s sunny make your subject stand in the brightest patch of the shade.

Take photos in the magic hour. Sunrise and sunset can give you beautiful pictures.

Think of the two-thirds rule. Imagine your picture as a rectangle divided into three. You want the main subject of the picture to be in the last third of the picture, overlapping with the other third.

Stabilise your phone. Hold the camera phone with both hands, bracing your arms against your body. In low light conditions, you can also slow the shutter speed to allow in more light.

Get up close. If the background is cluttered (a street scene, say) get as close to your subject as you can.

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